Cisco guest shell

So, it seems that finally Cisco decided to introduce a shell for their routers. I know this already exists for their FirePower plaform, but from my knowledge, they just made it available for routers.

Life tip

I’ve recently stumbled upon a great course on coursera which can teach you how to learn in today’s world. With all the distractions that interrupts us everyday. I wish I’d find it sooner.

How to configure Cisco devices remotely

So, let’s assume you are a network engineer that has to configure something on a new Cisco switch/router. You don’t have console access and just connect to the box via ssh. You either have a typo in your commands or don’t copy the whole line of your pre-tested commands and after you press enter BANG, you’ve lost connection and start sweating. You know the feeling, right? Me neither…

New website - powered by Jekyll

I’ve recently moved my website from AnchorCMS to Jekyll. I didn’t think it was necessary to have a WordPress solution only for a personal blog that has less than 10 visits/month so I went for a static website that is not tied to mysql and php. With this change I’ve also switched from Apache2 to Nginx. I hope that with this change my tiny VPS is not going to need much resources in the future. I still have to tweak the CSS settings, so expect more changes soon enough.