Networking training materials

I’ve stumbled upon this great list of materials you can use to get started on IT, and Networking in particular. I have to admit that some are new for me, even after being in this field for over 12 years.

Udemy offline

Here’s another cool and helpful thing I just discovered that might help you stranger of the internet.


After having some interviews where I’ve been asked about routing on linux solutions, I’ve decided to playaround with Quagga. As always, you can find all the info already on the internet. And in my case Brian Kletter had all the necessary info to setup the environment. Here’s the link on how to setup a linux server with quagga software. And here the initial setup for quagga.

Password recovery procedure on Cisco Catalyst 3500-XL

Just got a used Catalyst 3500-XL switch and don’t have credentials? Did you forget your auth credentials or you just want to have fun?